Cloud/Serv offers virtualized application delivery and acceleration including geographically distributed load-balancing, denial-of-service protection and IPv4 to IPv6 translation services.

  • Utilize Multiple Cloud-Computing Providers as a Single Resilient Solution

  • Build an In-the-Cloud Backup Data Center with Realtime Application Failover

  • Eliminate Single Site, Single Point of Failure for Critical Applications

  • Eliminate Capital Expenditures

  • IPv6 Support for any IPv4 Application in Minutes

  • Denial-of-Service Protection for Critical Applications

  • Reduce Burden on Overloaded Application Servers

  • On-Demand Scalability and Business Agility

  • Global Application Load Balancing

    Cloud/Serv delivers elasticity, flexibility and scalability for changing traffic volumes and resources while providing a cost effective, on-demand approach to reduce capital expenditures for public, private and hybrid Clouds.

  • Application Acceleration

    The network faces many challenges between the application server and the end-user. Cloud/Serv overcomes these challenges to reduce the burden on servers and accelerate applications.

  • Denial-of-Service Protection

    Cloud/Serv is an efficient and powerful platform, delivering the agility necessary to support new and sustained connections to mitigate Denial-of-Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks before they reach your environment to impact application availability.

  • SSL Off-Loading

    Cloud/Serv can offload encrypted communications, reducing the burden of encrypting/decrypting that may be placed on your servers. This approach can significantly improve server performance and reduce the cost and burden associated with increasing the number of servers to meet application demands.

  • Multi-Cloud Service Redundancy

    Cloud/Serv allows multiple Cloud computing providers (Amazon, Google, Ebay, Azure and others) to be leveraged as part of a single solution, making sure that the application is up and running and capable of redistributing to other services in case of application or provider outages.

  • IPv4/IPv6 Translation

    Cloud/Serv delivers high-performance IPv4/IPv6 gateway translation services. As organizations find the need to migrate to IPv6 features and capabilities, Cloud/Serv offers a simple, high performance and extremely functional means of supporting IPv6 for the entire perimeter application environment.

  • N-Tier Health Checks

    Cloud/Serv has the intelligence to monitor the health and availability of each tier (ie: Presentation, Logic, Database) of your application to ensure only healthy resources are engaged for application delivery. Resource unavailability can trigger removing the resource from the available pool or redirecting traffic to another data center or Cloud provider.

  • Web Site / Application redundancy in-the-cloud

    Build diversity for your sites and applications by utilizing Cloud/Serv's load-balancing functionality.

  • Application and Service redundancy

    Cloud/Serv ensures redundancy between Customer Data Centers, Customer Data Centers and Cloud Providers and Customer Data Centers and 3rd Party and Partner Organizations.

  • Redundancy between multiple cloud providers

    Leverage Cloud/Serv to consolidate multiple cloud computing services into a single solution.

  • IPv6 enable any application in minutes

    High performance IPv4/IPv6 gateway translation services.

  • Regional Application delivery / content distribution

    Simply connect to infrastructure at the closest BlueNET geographic location.