BlueNET Virtual WAN

BlueNET Virtual WAN combines the benefits of a dedicated WAN infrastructure with the advantages of Internet based VPN to provide a solution that delivers significant cost savings, consistent performance, greater reliability, broader diversity and a reduction of the organizational attack surface.

    Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Cost Savings

    • Avoids most expensive aspect of any WAN infrastructure rollout – the local loop
    • Uses cost effective and high-performing Internet connection
    • Less expensive rollout
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Performance / User Experience

    • Local Internet user experience
    • Dedicated high-performance WAN for interconnecting organizational sites
    • Consistent performance over long hauls
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Security

    • Single global security policy at each regional POP to create a single distributed perimeter
    • Complete application based visibility, control, threat management and data leakage prevention
    • Eliminates the increased risk, exposures and cost of ownership associated with many Internet connections
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Rapid Rollout Times

    • Practically eliminate WAN deployment delays
    • Can be deployed as quickly as one day
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Management / Ownership

    • Ownership costs associated with management, monitoring and operations of the infrastructure are handled by Bat Blue's Security & Network Operations Center (S/NOC)
    • 24/7/365 round the clock support
  • Elimination of Local Loop

    The most expensive aspect of a dedicated connection is the local loop, often accounting for 60% or more of a WAN infrastructure and involves an array of local monopoly telcos who all demand top dollar.

  • VPN Connection to Regional POP

    Bat Blues' POPs distinguish between Internet and internal organizational data and treat each accordingly. Traffic to and from the Internet is secured and processed locally while internal traffic is sent via Bat Blue's dedicated backbone to its destination.

  • Single Global Security Policy

    The Internet perimeter becomes one single distributed perimeter, simplifying security and eliminating increased risk, exposures and cost of ownership associated with multiple Internet connections.

  • Rapid Rollout Times

    With this virtual model, WAN deployment delays can be practically eliminated. Typical WAN deployments could take longer than a year. BlueNET Virtual WAN can be deployed in as quickly as one day.

  • Integrated Security

    When combined with Cloud/Sec virtual security, organizational sites can be segmented to fulfill outbreak prevention functions.

  • Integrated Application Delivery and Acceleration

    When combined with Cloud/Serv's application delivery, specific applications or entire data centers can be redirected in-the-Cloud based on availability or performance metrics.

  • Exceptional Round-the-Clock Support

    Bat Blue's experienced Security and Network Operations Center (S/NOC) team offers exceptional round-the-clock support. The S/NOC team boasts a 99.7% customer satisfaction rating by always offering expert, responsive and thoughtful services.

  • Eliminate the Cloud Penalty

    When moving systems and applications to the cloud organizations encounter the penalty of increased latency. BlueNET was designed to eliminate this penalty making centralized systems and applications appear local.

  • Cloud enable your sites

    Maintain the performance and availability you demand, while reaping the benefits of the cloud.

  • Virtualize and simplify the perimeter

    Consolidate Public Cloud/IP, Private Cloud and 3rd Party Connections into one network.

  • Scalability on-demand for all perimeter links

    Increase or decrease bandwidth utilization as you need it.

  • Integrated security on all links

    Prevent organizational outbreaks by securely segmenting all sites.

  • Integrated application delivery on all links

    Redirect specific applications or entire data centers in-the-Cloud based on your own metrics.