BlueNET IP is an extreme performance network built to empower the next-generation of computing, enabling organizations to access Cloud based applications and systems, delivering content and operationalizing mobile devices without the performance penalties of operating over the Internet. BlueNET IP is a powerful tool that not only meets current needs but also readies organizations for future demands.

    Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Fastest IP Network in the World

    • Guaranteed "One Hop In/Out" to anywhere world-wide
    • Proven to be 4-10 times faster than legacy IP providers
    • Designed to deliver extremely low-latency and consistent performance
    • Lightning fast Layer 2 switching at 600 nanoseconds and sub-millisecond Layer 3 routing on carrier-grade infrastructure
    • Multiple next-hop delivers unparalleled Layer 3 resiliency
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Empower Cloud-Computing

    • Eliminates the increased latency when moving applications to the Cloud
    • All Carrier Ethernet network. No cut-rate TDM, SONET, VPLS or MPLS networks
    • Purpose-built to handle high-performance Cloud IP and Internet services
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Large Scale Content Delivery, Distribution or Transfer

    • Recognizes and respects QoS or DiffServ tags
    • Offers complete and seamless end-to-end traffic management
    • Ready-made for latency sensitive services such as VoIP and multi-media
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • On-Demand Scalability

    • Available in dedicated and burstable options
    • Capacities ranging from 100Mb to 100Gb
    • Affords you the on-demand flexibility your business demands
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Cost-Effective

    • Pay for one aggregate commitment for entire organization
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Simplified Relationship with Single Contract

    • Single contract and commit for all global sites
    • Delivers IP, WAN, security and application delivery for all sites under one contract
    • Connect to multiple points, but pay for one aggregate commitment
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • IPv6 Enabled Platform

    • Supports IPv4, IPv6 and V6-in-V4 encapsulation
    • Includes a minimum /48 IPv6 block assignment
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Integrated Application Delivery & Security

    • Comprehensive in-network security with Bat Blue's Cloud/Sec module
    • Complete in-network application delivery with Bat Blue's Cloud/Serv module
  • Extreme Performance with Guaranteed “One Hop In & Out”

    BlueNET IP is an extreme performance IP network designed to overcome the latency challenges of legacy IP networks that contribute to the Cloud Penalty. Leveraging Bat Blue's proprietary “Intelligent Hot Potato Extreme” routing, Bat Blue guarantees “One Hop In/Out” of the BlueNET global network, ensuring the fastest, most direct path to any destination on the Internet.

  • Next-Generation Dynamic Path Determination

    Using Dynamic Path Determination, BlueNET IP/Public Cloud continually monitors metrics to many destinations and selects the best path to empower the fastest, most reliable routes for client communications.

  • Future-Proof Scalability

    BlueNET is designed to support both horizontal as well as vertical expansion through change management with little or no re-engineering effort. As technology changes and as demand for bandwidth increases, BlueNET is well poised to scale to meet future demands.

  • Multiple Next-Hop Redundancy Points

    Unlike traditional service providers that offer only a single next-hop termination, BlueNET IP/Public Cloud's unique design separates connectivity and routing and offers up to six redundant Next-Hop Layer 3 termination points. This offers an unparalleled level of resiliency and performance when uptime matters.

  • IPv6 Now!

    BlueNET IP/Public Cloud is a dual-stacked IPv4 and IPv6 network. When used in conjunction with Bat Blue's Cloud/Serv, organizations can IPv6 enable their applications in minutes.

  • Infrastructure

    Built on an all Ethernet network, BlueNET leverages carrier-grade terabit scale infrastructure as a component of a proprietary design that is fully redundant and immensely scalable.

  • Integrated Security

    When combined with Cloud/Sec's security offering, organizational sites can be segmented to fulfill outbreak prevention functions.

  • Integrated Application Delivery and Acceleration

    When combined with Cloud/Serv's application delivery offering, specific applications or entire data centers can be redirected in-the-Cloud based on availability or performance metrics.

  • Exceptional Round-the-Clock Support

    Bat Blue's experienced U.S. based Security and Network Operations Center (S/NOC) team offers exceptional round-the-clock support. The S/NOC team boasts a 99.7% customer satisfaction rating by always offering expert, responsive and thoughtful services.

  • Eliminate the Cloud Penalty

    When moving systems and applications to the cloud organizations encounter the penalty of increased latency. BlueNET was designed to eliminate this penalty making centralized systems and applications appear local.

  • Cloud enable your sites

    Maintain the performance and availability you demand, while reaping the benefits of the cloud.

  • Virtualize and simplify the perimeter

    Consolidate Public Cloud/IP, Private Cloud and 3rd Party Connections into one network.

  • Scalability on-demand for all perimeter links

    Increase or decrease bandwidth utilization as you need it.

  • Integrated security on all links

    Prevent organizational outbreaks by securely segmenting all sites.

  • Integrated application delivery on all links

    Redirect specific applications or entire data centers in-the-Cloud based on your own metrics.