BlueShield is an extreme performance category-based Access Control System designed to protect organizational infrastructure. BlueShield is purpose-built to deal with large scale Denial-of-Service and malicious attacks, preventing external sources from impacting organizational resources.

    Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Large-Scale Attack Protection

    • Defends against attacks aimed at exhausting organizational resources
    • Prevents Anonymized Sources from Access to the Network
    • Prevents resource-wasting malicious or undesired sources from entering your network
    • Frees up Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and other tools to continue operations even under attack
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Category-based Reputation System

    • Prevents access to your network by Category for Hijacked, Anonymized or Geographic sources
    • Updated on a per-minute basis
    • Delivers sustained or on-demand network access prevention by category
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Multi-Vector Robust Controls

    • Allows - traffic passes normally
    • Redirect - move specific source categories
    • Block - prevent specific source categories
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
    Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Simple to buy and own

    • No Capital purchase necessary
    • Requires no Network Re-architecture
    • Operates on point-of-entry Routers
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Geo-Location Access Control

    • Allow or prevent access to your network by Geography
    • Positive access model allows only specific geographies to access your network
    • Negative access model prevents only specific geographies to access your network
  • Prevents Resource Starvation

    Devices that rely on session counts are the weakest resource link in any organizational infrastructure. These include Firewalls, IPS systems, Unified Threat Management systems and even Load-Balancers. Since these devices have to dig deeper into packets than network devices, they can easily be resource starved with simple to generate bogus packets.

  • Security and Control At the Proper Layer

    Effective security demands a layered approach for control and threat management. It is known that Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) tools, by virtue of their function, have limited resources. BlueShield prevents resource-wasting malicious or undesired sources from entering your network, freeing up DPI and other session-based tools to focus on more relevant traffic.

  • Large-Scale Attack Protection

    BlueShield functions at the network layer on the existing perimeter router so no capital purchase or network re-architecture is necessary. Operating at the network layer allows tremendous capacity to tolerate the substantial attacks that easily down even the most capable Firewalls and other session-based devices.

  • Reputation Based Categories

    BlueShield prevents access for specified IP addresses by reputation. Reputation categories include:

    - Unallocated/Hijacked Sources
    - Anonymizers & Proxies
    - Malicious Sources
    - Geographic Sources

  • Up-to-the-Minute Protection

    As new vulnerability and threat sources are identified and confirmed, BlueShield categories are updated and delivered to client routers almost instantaneously.

Statement on Free Speech

It is important to note that Bat Blue supports free speech for all citizens of the world. This, nor any of Bat Blue's services, are designed to undermine free speech or to promote surveillance and/or censorship. BlueShield merely allows organizations to choose if and when they want traffic from these sources to access their systems in an effort to protect themselves when under attack.
  • Tiered Control of Resources

    Leverage BlueShield to block malicious or undesired traffic enabling you to manage DPI and other session based tools efficiently.

  • Large Scale Attack Protection

    BlueShield provides tremendous capacity to withstand large scale attacks that would normally down even the most capable security tools.

  • Positive/Negative Security Model

    Allow or block traffic from specific regions of the world on a per continent, region, or country basis.