Borderless security that secures any Server, Application, Cloud Instance, User or Mobile Device, Anywhere.

    Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Inbound and outbound protection

    • Unified management and security for organizational assets and cloud instances
    • Delivers content services from multiple locations simply and securely
    • Complete anonymization of your traffic
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Support for Every Port, Protocol and Application

    • Avoids reliance on slow and problematic proxies
    • In the cloud perimeter security properly scans all traffic
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Protection for Encrypted Traffic

    • Decrypts encrypted content, scans for malware, re-encypts for delivery to your location
    • Never exposes unencrypted content on the wire
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Application identity by user or group

    • Control by port, protocol or application
    • Incredibly accurate threat management
    • File type controls
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Single Consolidated Security Policy for all Perimeters and Cloud Instances

    • Encompasses headquarters, branches, remote users, mobile users, home users etc.
    • Dozens of policy configurations on multiple technologies can be addressed in a single policy
    • Easily integrate with cloud computing services such as Amazon, eBay, Google etc.
    • Consistent security for all sites without security hardware, complexity or risk
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Offers User and Application Visibility, Control and Threat Management

    • User and identification controls to allow or block applications
    • Determine whether a single user or larger group is using an application with one click
    • Supports Threat Protection for Encrypted and Evasive Traffic
    • Block files by file type on a per application basis
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Eliminates Capital Expenditures

    • Eliminate burden of product ownership, support costs, subscriptions and implementations
    • Save up to 50% compared to legacy security approaches
    • Reduce the burden on your IT staff; no more collecting and aggregating logs
    • Not impacted by evolutions or revolutions in application technology
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • On-Demand Scalability and Business Agility

    • Consistent security for all organizational sites without security hardware, complexity or risk
    • Unified management and security interface for all sites
    • Off-load entire perimeter security and site diversity functions
    • Deliver content services from multiple locations
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Traffic Control

    • Delivers a Perimeter for Cloud Instances to Offer Control over Traffic Direction
    • Offers Traffic Segregation for Security and Compliancy
    • Create as many profiles as you like with different groups or users with customer black/white lists
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Augments Cloud Computing with in the Cloud Security & Load Balancing

    • Easily integrate with Cloud computing services such as Amazon, eBay, Google etc.
    • Achieve diversity for your Cloud computing provider
  • Virtual Perimeter vPerimeter
  • Granular identification and blocking of specific Search Engine Services

    • Distinguish between Google Search, GMail, Google Docs, and other Google services with granular blocking capabilities
    • Anonymize your IP address to redirect specific applications
    • Maintain organizational security and integrity across the web
  • Single Security Policy for All Global Perimeters

    The number of an organization's ingress and egress points is commensurate to the number of organizational sites. Cloud/Sec delivers the most comprehensive security through a single global security policy for all organizational sites, applications, users, devices and Cloud instances.

  • Inbound & Outbound – One Security Solution

    Cloud/Sec delivers consistent inbound and outbound security protection for all organizational assets and data as a single service.

  • Protection Beyond Web & Mail

    Cloud/Sec is not limited to just web and mail. It offers comprehensive security, delivering visibility, control and threat management for all applications, ports and protocols.

  • Visibility & Control

    Cloud/Sec delivers in-depth visibility and access control into applications, users and location, offering visibility and control on a per User/Group basis regardless of their point of access. The ability to identify specific users regardless of their platform and control of user access for each location is a standard function of Cloud/Sec.

  • Threat & Vulnerability Management

    Cloud/Sec delivers threat management that works! It blocks malware, spyware and vulnerabilities confidently and reliably. It is significantly more accurate than legacy IPS tools, giving confidence to automatically block threats and reduce the burden on the IT staff.

  • Content Scanning

    Cloud/Sec provides the capability to alert, block or allow access by specific URL site categories or file-type. This offers a more robust level of control that takes you beyond Human Resources policy enforcement to fulfill light Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) functions.

  • SSL Decryption

    Since most security tools cannot support encrypted content, attackers have a back-door to bypass security systems. Cloud/Sec can decrypt encrypted content, scan the content for malware, then re-encrypt it for delivery to your location – never exposing unencrypted content on-the-wire.

  • Security Operations Support

    Bat Blue's experienced, U.S. based Security and Network Operations Center (S/NOC) offers exceptional round-the-clock support. Services are augmented by an expert, responsive and thoughtful support organization delivering vigilant monitoring, process driven change management and unparalleled threat management services. The S/NOC team boasts a 99.7% customer satisfaction rating by always offering expert, responsive and thoughtful services.

  • Search Engine Data Leakage Prevention

    Identify specific Search Engine services with granular blocking capabilities, along with anonymization and obfuscation to maintain organizational privacy and security.

  • Extend the security perimeter to anywhere on the Internet

    Apply the same robust security to all sites, be it users at the organization's headquarters, branches, road warriors or home users.

  • Control and Secure Cloud instances on any provider

    Leverage multiple cloud computing services (ie: Amazon, eBay or others) as part of a single solution, providing diversity in-the-cloud.

  • Secure mobile devices and remote users

    Cloud/Sec goes beyond mobile device management to secure mobile devices and remote users alike.

  • Protection and security for Web Servers anywhere on the Internet

    Off-load your entire perimeter security and site diversity functions allowing delivery of content (web/media) services from multiple locations on the Internet simply and economically.

  • Single Global Security policy for all organizational assets

    What used to take dozens of policy configurations on multiple technologies can now be addressed in a single policy statement.

  • Simple fortification of aging or outdated security infrastructure

    Add Cloud/Sec to your existing security system easily and without any capital costs.

  • Anonymized Internet Perimeter

    Anonymize your Internet usage trail to minimize risk potential from even standard and proper Internet use.

  • Improved performance over local perimeter security configuration

    Cloud/Sec, running over BlueNET, an extreme-performance network, delivers all security functions faster and more efficiently than local devices.

  • Centralized usage and threat visibility for all global sites

    Cloud/Sec delivers visibility, application identity, user-based identity and access control as well as blocking threats of all types in a single consolidated interface.

  • Perspective-based security

    Allow the same user to have different levels of access to organizational resources and assets based on their location and device.

  • Segmentation of all organizational sites on the WAN

    Segmentation of access and threat management by site, user, system and/or application.

  • Separation of users and data center

    Protect and segment the data center from the user community.

  • Security system validation

    Is your current legacy infrastructure catching everything?  Let Cloud/Sec validate your current tools to see if you are catching all the threats with your current tools.